About Gwen

Gwen began practicing yoga while studying at UCLA. As a beginner, she felt like she was missing the point in the vinyasana style flow classes. Then she stumbled into an Iyengar Yoga class with Marla Apt. This class completely defied what she thought a yoga class should be. Coming from a physiology background, she was impressed by the teacher's knowledge of anatomy. Gwen made rapid progress in asana and learned much more about the actual subject of yoga. After being introduced to more challenging poses, she yearned to perfect them. She knew that the Iyengar classes were providing superior instructions and adjustments allowing her to maximize her progress. Gwen was hooked! She continues to use yoga to deal with the stress that medical school and everyday life brings. Gwen finds Iyengar Yoga to be the most efficient way to stay physically and mentally healthy. She continues to thirst for more knowledge and is humbled by the level of reflection and compassion that teaching Iyengar Yoga brings to her own practice. Gwen is an Intermediate level Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher (CIYT) and a Certified Yoga Therapist (CIAYT).